Community Enrichment Specialist-PT (471)
Location: Waynesville

Position Description
Job Summary

Under general supervision, is responsible for supervising and assisting individuals in reaching their goals.

Minimum Requirements

Education and/or Experience
High school diploma or general education degree (GED) is required for this position. A minimum of 2 years of experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities or related experience is preferred, but not required.

Other Skills and Abilities
Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable and flexible to performing under moderate levels of stress when confronted with an emergency. Must possess a valid NC Driver’s License (required for community-based services) or a valid picture ID. Must provide proof of car insurance, if providing community-based services.

Be able to work Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Must have experience with Autism and persons with behavior outbursts. Must be able to work in Asheville.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Other duties may be assigned as necessary.

Ensure that individuals are engaged and supervised at all times.

Uphold the rights of the individuals at all times.

Ask and seek help from coordinator when needed.

Prepare for individual’s arrival by setting up work areas, obtaining materials, etc.

Understand individuals’ behavior plan and be able to assess individual’s needs and communicate to supervisor any identified needs that you are unable to meet.

Schedule and encourage individuals to participate in community activities.

Assist individuals (male and/or female) with personal hygiene needs as needed (e.g. assisting with toileting, diapering, feeding, etc).

Assist with the development of (when requested) and follow individual’s schedules.

Follow health care regulations, behavior regulations and individual written behavior plans.

Rotate to other groups/individuals, as requested.

Adhere to the principles of the LIFESPAN ChOICES Training Curriculum.

Seek opportunities to cross-train.

Communicate professionally and positively with individuals, parents, caregivers, visitors and other professionals.

Maintain individuals’ confidentiality at all times.

Serve on transportation duty rotation schedule as needed.

Administer medications, if necessary.

Participate in and provide input into individuals’ IHP/IPP (Individual Habilitation Plan or Individual Program Plan).

Support individuals through their daily activities and ensure that such activities are performed in an effort to meet individual goals. Provide appropriate development materials for individuals and assist with the assessment of their progress.

Assist in providing a safe, positive, stimulating learning and social environment.

Assist in scheduling and coordinating activities for individuals.

Communicate need for work or necessary supplies, problems questions and issues regarding individual needs/concerns to the coordinator.

Provide feedback, information, ideas or suggested changes for the program to the appropriate management personnel.

Complete routine paperwork daily (e.g. attendance, data sheets, professional contact forms, occasionally palm pilot entries) and submit to supervisor by due date.

Complete Incident/Accident report as needed.

Abide by, enforce and participate in the implementation and ongoing oversight of all LIFESPAN safety standards and regulations.

Must be able to work evenings and weekends.

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